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Coomberdale Region Walk Trails: Dalaroo Reserve

Located 7km to the north of Moora, the Dalaroo Reserve is a former townsite which derived its name from nearby Lake Dalaroo. The name is believed to be Aboriginal, of unknown meaning, and was first recorded by a surveyor in 1848. The townsite was gazetted in 1914.

This reserve has recently had a conservation upgrade with fencing and a walk trail to help preserve the native vegetation and also the cultural heritage as an old Aboriginal camp.

The vegetation here is a mixture of riparian scrubland with saltbush, Melaleucas and Sheoaks, and taller York Gum & Salmon Gum woodland vegetation with a good quality understory. Even though it is a small reserve, the remnant vegetation is a good mix and important habitat for native birds and animals.

Length: 800m return
Difficulty: Easy
Trail signposted: Yes
Terrain: Dirt Track
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Flora highlights: Hakeas, Everlastings

Download the Walks in the Shire of Moora Eco Trails brochure here: https://www.moora.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Walks-in-the-Shire-of-Moora.pdf

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