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Koojan Walk Trails: Barberton West Road Reserve

This 170ha reserve is 17km south of Moora. Travel 9km south on the Bindoon-Moora Road then take the Barberton West Road for 8km. The reserve is located east of the Barberton West and Boundary Road intersection, park at the old gravel pit.

This is a sizable bush remnant with minimal disturbance. A suggested walk is to follow the perimeter firebreak from the east side around the reserve. Once you reach the north-west corner, you may need to follow the road back to the parking spot as the northern firebreak is less maintained.

Gravel soils in the east give way to sandy soil and you’ll note the instant change in vegetation as you walk around. Low growing prickly shrubland with Isopogons and Hakeas on the gravel and Banksia, Blackbutt, Woollybush woodland on the sandplain.

Keep an eye out for roos, both the Western Grey and Red roos, as they are frequently seen here plus if you’re really lucky, you may see an Echidna too. 

Length: 5km (2.5hrs)
Difficulty: Medium
Trail signposted: No
Terrain: Sandy and gravel tracks, road
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Flora highlights: Banksias, Flame grevilleas

Download the Walks in the Shire of Moora Eco Trails brochure here: https://www.moora.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Walks-in-the-Shire-of-Moora.pdf

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