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Moora Wildflower Drive

1) Dandaragan Road to Prices Road, 9km
York Gums and Banksias along road and Lake Dalaroo on the north side.

2) Prices Road to Namban West Road, 31km
β€˜Kwongan’ heath species including blue Dampiera, smokebush, Christmas trees, white Cauliflower Verticordias.

3) Namban West Road to Agaton Road, 10km
Saltmarsh Honey Myrtle.

4) Agaton Road to Watheroo West Road, 6km
Verticordias (Featherflowers) including red Scarlet Featherflower, Woody Pears, Banksias.

5) Watheroo West Road to Eagle Hill Road, 28km
Sand loving Kwongan plants Banksias, Wattles, Myrtles, into heavier soil plants York Gums, Wandoo, Salmon Gums.

6) Eagle Hill Road To Jingemia Cave, 5km
Mallee gums, everlastings, Melaleucas. Optional walks at Jingemia Cave (Walk Trail #10).

7) Jingemia Cave to Moora via Midlands Road, 45km
Salmon Gums, Wandoo, York Gums, Acacias, Native Hibiscus. Optional walks at Cairn Hill and Dalaroo Reserve (Walk Trails #11 & #12).

Pick up a full size map from the Moora CRC or download from


Length: 134km
Terrain: Bitumen, gravel tracks
Access: Suitable for most vehicles, control speed on gravel roads. Caution after heavy rains as road conditions may have changed.

Download the Walks in the Shire of Moora Eco Trails brochure here: https://www.moora.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Walks-in-the-Shire-of-Moora.pdf

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