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Rotary Club of Moora

You can’t live, work or play in Moora without having come across the Rotary Club. You would have smelt the wafting aroma of their delicious donuts, and you would have seen and heard of the contributions they have made to our community.

Being a Rotarian means being passionate about supporting local, national and international causes. It connects to a diverse group, who want to give back. It provides personal growth and development, as well as friendship and fun.

Rotary Moora meet on the first and third Thursday of each month, from 6.50pm at the Golf Club, and welcome new members. 

President Lynn Harding can be contacted on 0429 429 146.



0429 429 146 (President Lynn Harding)


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Moora Lake View Golf Club
Moora WA 6510



0429 429 146 (President Lynn Harding)