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Koojan Walk Trails: Koojan Reserve

The reserve is located 18km south of Moora on the Bindoon-Moora Road. The trail is a comfortable 20-minute walk depicting local flora and fauna, history and agricultural practices. The Salmon Gum woodland once dominated throughout the Wheatbelt but was preferentially cleared because of the good soils beneath.

Here you can experience a taste of what it must have been like before extensive clearing began. See if you can spot the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, or maybe you can hear it’s distinct calling “whee-orr”. Other plant species which you can see are Wandoo trees and smaller trees and shrubs like wattles (Acacias) and Quandongs.

Watch out for orchids in the winter months.

In the south-east corner of the reserve is the old post office built in the 1930’s for the Koojan township which never ended up being developed.

Length: 600m (20mins)
Difficulty: Easy
Trail signposted: Yes
Terrain: Gravel track
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Flora highlights: Large Salmon Gums

Download the Walks in the Shire of Moora Eco Trails brochure here: https://www.moora.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Walks-in-the-Shire-of-Moora.pdf

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