The official gazetted townsite of Moora is home to 6 towns that offer unique attractions, community facilities and support a diverse range of economic opportunities and industries including wheat; sheep; cattle; pigs; farming; concrete works; wildflowers; silicon quartz mining; granite quarry; pine plantations; citrus; olives and so much more!
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Watheroo is a small town situated roughly half way between Perth and Geraldon, on the scenic part of the Midlands road.

Along with wheat and sheep farming, Watheroo grew up as a major stopover on the Perth-Geraldton railway line and at its peak the town bustled with line gangs and maintenance crews who worked in the railway complex.

The old locomotive station, which is one of only two left standing in Western Australia, and the railway station are all that remains of the siding which dates back to the 1980’s.

Watheroo boasts one of the best bush style golf courses in Western Australia, with a large population of resident kangaroos and cockatoos, sporting and community facilities, and local businesses that provide a wide range of goods and services.

Watheroo offers a relaxed small town atmosphere with lots to see and do – especially during wildflower season.

The name Watheroo is derived from the Aboriginal word “WARDO” meaning ‘a little bird’, the Willy Wagtail, or “WARDORO”, meaning ‘water’. This name was given to the spring of water which made this spot centre for man, bird and beast.