The official gazetted townsite of Moora is home to 6 towns that offer unique attractions, community facilities and support a diverse range of economic opportunities and industries including wheat; sheep; cattle; pigs; farming; concrete works; wildflowers; silicon quartz mining; granite quarry; pine plantations; citrus; olives and so much more!
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Namban is a small locality north of Moora and south-east of the Watheroo National Park. Take the Moora Wildflower Drive along Prices Road to Namban West Road 31km to see ‘Kwongan’ heath species including blue Dampiera, smokebush, Christmas trees and white Cauliflower Verticordias, or visit Namban West Road to Agaton Road 10km to see Saltmarsh Honey Myrtle. Namban is also home to local Kinesiologist Liz Easton who run her clinic from home (as well as in Moora).